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You need help?

I am absolutely not the No.1 top ACC skipper, but here are some guidelines and tools that helped me to improve my VSK sailing.

Keep away from other boats!

If you sail too close to other boats and if you take too many risks, you will probably end up in very tricky situations.

You can easily get a penalty. Or worse: You might cause general havoc and stop other innocent skippers.

Don't say: "I had nowhere to go". It's too late. You simply shouldn't be there at all!

Learn the rules!

You should learn at least the basic rules and follow them to the best of your ability.

Many people talk about fair sailing. The word fair can be treacherous. It may mean different things to different people in different cultures.

To me, sailing fair means following the Racing Rules of Sailing (RRS). These rules are the same for all racing skippers.

Other stuff that might help improve your skills

- Upwind

Which headsail in what windstrength and what angle?

Click on the Compass to the right to open a Quick Reference Guide. (pdf)

- Learn the Instruments!

Sometimes you see skippers sailing in the"wrong" direction, sailing way over (or way under) layline or doing other strange decisions.

I believe that it very often has to do with that these skippers don't understand and/or don't know how to use the Instruments to the best of their advantage.

Click on the "Instruments" to the right to download a PowerPoint Presentation.

- Tide and Current

How does this actually work in VSK?

Click on the Image to the right to open a Quick Reference Guide. (pdf)