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Download one or more of the exciting map packs.

I use 'Install Creator' which will make it very easy for you to install the courses and their intros. The only thing you need to know, is what version of Virtual Skipper you have. There are three compatible versions:

- 32nd America's Cup

- Vsk5

- Vsk5Online (paid version)

Just click on any of the pictures below, and the installation program for that pack will be downloaded to your computer.

When you run the installation program, the tracks will be installed under:

.../Documents/"Your version of Virtual Skipper"/Tracks/Challenges/

You can move the tracks wherever you want, as long as they reside in the 'Tracks' folder. Images and Sounds used in the intros, will be installed automatically in their respective correct folders.

Enjoy !!!

A Nordic Festival

Nov 2019

Beatles Rocks

Sep 2015


Jan 2014

Brian Wilson

Sep 2016


Mar 2018

Coastal Views

Jun 2020

Animal Farm

Nov 2018


Jan 2016

Female Power

May 2014

Female Power II

May 2018

Female Power III

Apr 2020

Five Easy Pieces

Aug 2013

For Ever Young

Aug 2014

Great Music

Dec 2016

Great Music II

Apr 2017

Great Music III

Jul 2017


Jun 2012

Regata Rio Grande

Apr 2020

Great Music IV

Jan 2018

M M T (short)

Mar 2014


Aug 2014

Led Poizoned

Jul 2013

Muddy Waters

Apr 2019

Led Poizoned (short)

Apr 2014

NOR Team Shootout

Jun 2020

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